HP Printer Assistant – Download and Install HP Printer Software and Drivers

HP printers come in a range of innovative designs with faster performance and quality output. Its accent colors put life in the print output. Depending on the HP printer model, you have different sets of features and variation in quality of results.
Whether you want the printer for personal use or professional, there are multi-tasking printers that can full-fill all your needs such as scanning, xeroxing, colored printing, and black & white printing. The printing machines are portable as well with it is easy to understand and operate features.
If you choose the printer to connect with the wireless connection, you can also send commands using a supported mobile phone. However, there is a basic yet mandatory requirement of HP printer driver on your system; else, you will not be able to perform any task. To install software for your HP printer, which supports your operating system, follow the steps as mentioned below.

How to install the latest HP printer driver?

  • Start an updated web browser and go to the official page of HP printer
  • From the home page, go to HP support center section
  • Under the section, select your preferred language and your Operating system
  • You will be directed to select Hewlett Packard printer driver installation mode
  • USB mode
  • Dynamic mode
  • Mark on ‘Add HP universal PCL 6 driver to Windows driver store’
  • Click on the Next button and continue
  • Select Yes to the end user license agreement
  • On the next step, choose printer configuration (Manual) and click Next

Let the installation process complete. Once done, try to take out a random print to check in the driver is receiving the command or not. If there is a pre-installed printer driver on your computer, check for its version. If the printer software is not updated, you may perform to reinstall the software. To check what possible errors could occur with your HP printer or its software, refer to the list below.

Printer Driver installation and other errors:

  • Printer drivers conflict: more than one printer driver installed
  • Outdated printer
  • Printer driver not supported
  • HP printer driver unavailable
  • HP printer error code 1304: error writing to file
  • Error code 1312: Cannot create a directory
  • Error 1500 with error the message: Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one
  • Error 1601 with the error message: Fatal Error 1601

There are many other errors caused by the printer or the driver.

Why HP Printer customer support?

Whenever you encounter an error with the HP printing machine, perform any action under the provision of an expert. To have expert assistance, you may connect with HP printer support and fix the problem effortlessly. You can reach HP Printer Assistant the time you need as our specialists are available round-the-clock.